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Permanent make-up (or PMU) is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) as a means of producing designs that resemble make-up, such as eye-lining and other permanent enhancing colours to the skin of the face, lips and eyelids. It is also used to produce artificial eyebrows, particularly in people who have lost them as a consequence of old age or disease.

Wake up to perfect Eyebrows, Eyelash Enhancement, Eyeliner, Shaded Eyeliner, Eye Shadow, Blusher, Lip Blush and Full Lip colour.

Complimentary consultation – let me show you how natural your new permanent make-up will look.

Existing prices are now for 1 treatment, all 2nd treatments for all areas are an extra £100.

  • Hairstroke Eyebrows £175
  • Hairstroke / shading 3D Brows £185
  • Ombre Shaded Eyebrows £185
  • Lip Blush £175
  • Full Lip colour £185
  • Medical – Scar Camo & Areola from £185
  • Eyelash Enhancement £150
  • Eyeliner & flick £175
  • Shaded Eyeliner £185
  • Latino Eyeliner £200

Botched ink PMU Removal

Botched Ink® is a gentle yet concentrated hypertonic saline solution for tattoo removal. When it’s implanted into skin the area dries out. If the skin contains tattoo pigment this will dry out too, lifting and removing the pigment during the skins natural healing process. Removes colour that’s lasted too long, mistakes or tattoo regrets. Lightens faded permanent makeup ready for microblading or hair strokes. Lifts pigment colour from saturated or very dark brows.

  • For small area removal from £75

    for Permanent Make Up Colour Correction (Eyebrows, Eyeliner Flicks and Lip Contour) and Removal and Body Art Removal

  • Removal of Tattoo or Semi-Permanent Make UpEyebrows or Lip Line £75

IQ Remover

IQ Pigment Remover is for those who won’t compromise and want the best result and remover in the market. IQ Pigment Remover is specially developed for micropigmentation specialists (PMU and Tattoo artists).

The new generation of IQ Pigment Remover suspension consists of alkaline earth oxides and transit metals, mixed according to our unique formula. Because of the similar properties, the metal oxides in the IQ Pigment Remover are very attracted to tattoo and PMU pigments.

  • IQ Removal Treatment £85

    for Permanent Make Up and Body Art. Removes All Permanent Make Up including Camouflage

Rachel Fisher
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At the age of 44, I got asked for ID for the first time ever and I put this all down to Wendy and to the magic she has worked on my face! I have had a few different treatments/procedures with Wendy and all have been brilliant and of the highest quality. I always value Wendy’s professional views on what would work best for me, but she never pushes anything which makes each visit so much more enjoyable. I cannot recommend Wendy enough.
Anna Zabolotnaya
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Recaptured is the place to go. The most professional and high end treatments and products. Wendy the Founder and leading therapist is my number one choice for past 10 years. Never fail to satisfy and impress. Thank you very much for you work and making me beautiful every time i see you.
DJ Ana Czarina
DJ Ana Czarina
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Best permanent make up lips i ever have done. So happy with the result. Its been 6 month and my lips still look amazing. Wendy is such a lovely and patient lady. I can trust her fully, she knows what's she is doing.
Xenia Lee
Xenia Lee
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I had such an amazing result after visiting Recaptured clinic! Wendy is so professional and amazing! Thank you so much 😊😍 Can’t wait time be back!
Carol Dalton
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For so many years i have been going to Wendy. From facials to Advanced treatment. Not to mention permanent make up which leaves you speechless. Highly recommend. Wendy always gives 100 percent to everything she does.
Alina Solovieva
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Simply the best. Wendy you are one in a million. Think i have tried everything you offer and can't recommend this place enough. Great value for top quality treatments. There is nothing Wendy can't do) That you xxxx
Kharina Media Anastasia Kharina
Kharina Media Anastasia Kharina
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Words can't describe how how happy i am with my permanent make up brows and botox by Recaptured clinic. Wendy is the most professional, talented and lovely lady. I am so happy with the shape and color. Won't go anywhere else. Highly recommend.xxxxx
Sara Calvo
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I have known Wendy for 20 years now and have so many treatments from facials, laser, massage and permanent make up. I would not go anywhere else.